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Organic or conventional

Maple Syrup

Our organic 100% pure maple syrup is an amber color with a rich, delicious taste. Enjoy it on fruit, yogurt, pancakes, waffles and as a natural everyday sweetener in your coffee, sauces, marinades, vinaigrettes, cocktails, dessert, etc.

Organic or conventional

Maple Butter

Made from our organic 100% pure maple syrup, our maple butter has a rich taste and texture. It is delicious on a morning toast and croissants, on homemade cookies and dessert, or simply on the tip of the spoon!

Rose Flavoured Maple Jelly


Our rose flavoured maple jelly is unique on the market. It pairs well with cheese, pâté, terrines, foie gras and croissants. Vegan, it is also delicious with vegan cheese alternatives.

Made from our organic maple syrup, it has a rich maple taste with a delicate touch of rose on the end note.

Organic or conventional

Maple Candies

Made from our 100% pure maple syrup, our maple candies are individually wrapped, for an easy treat on the go. Rich in flavour, this is a healthier option with no compromise on satisfaction, even for the fanciest sweet tooth.

Organic or conventional

Maple Sugar

Entirely made from our 100% pure maple syrup, our maple sugar adds sweetness and extra texture to your dishes. Whether it is in your coffee, desserts, sauces, yogurts or anywhere you would normally use regular sugar, our maple sugar will elevate your food in a subtle, delicious way.