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Since 1996

Our know-how

Hamann Maple represents over 20 years of expertise in our field. Our vision is to share this Canadian richness to the greatest number of people, through our fine products.

Long before me, my grandfather worked in the family maple bush.


Our packaging

We believe it is important to respect tradition while always improving our methods. We are proud to say we chose to pack our maple syrup in modern and convenient packaging. They are compact, flexible, recyclable, ready to use, recloseable, baggage-friendly and environmentally responsible.

Our environmentally responsible packaging is a new way to enjoy maple syrup at its best.


Our selection

Our organic, 100% pure and first quality maple syrup is exclusively from our maple bush. It has been carefully selected according to the highest quality standards.

Located in Beauce (Quebec, Canada), our maple bush provides a prime quality product with a unique taste.